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Reg's Strength

Telegraph Sunday 26th February 1995
with thanks for the use of the story and picture.
A big smile as 35-year-old Ros Lindsay recalls the high times with her veteran
country and western singer husband Reg Lindsay ... together on the road,
at concerts, rodeos, TV shows, overseas trips or the rare quite moments at their
Cessnock property.. Ros told Francis O'Shea she was drawing strength from those
memories-to see her through the vigil at her husband's bedside and his surgery next Tuesday.

It has been a lonely vigil
for Ros Lindsay. Her hus-
band, Reg, is lapsing in and
out of sleep, barely able to
speak and unaware of the
well wishers that are pouring
in from across Australia.

His three daughters, Dian-
ne, Sandra and Joanne, have
also been at his side, willing
their father to recover.
"I'm lucky to still have him
- I know that," Ros said.
"He could have died the in-
stant he suffered the
haemorrhage or in the days
that followed.
"It's only the last couple of
days that his condition has
stablised and plans have
been made to operate.
"That is good news because
at least the surgery will cor-
rect his problem.
"But it's very delicate and
we'll have some big hurdles to
to overcome when it's over."
On January 25, during Tam-
worth's annual country music
festival, 63-year-old Reg had a
brain haemorrhage and was
found collapsed in the bath-
He was rushed by air ambu-
lance to Newcastle where his
condition fluctuated between
critical and serious for several
The first positive signs came
more than three weeks later
when Reg's condition began
to stabilise.
Specialists have now sche-
duled surgery for Tuesday,
provided he maintains his
Ros in praying that the
strength that has helped Reg
survive this critical period will
see him safely through the
"He is a very strong person
and up until this he was in
great health," she said.
"Things wre pretty hectic
but that's the way it always is
with Reg.
"He was looking forward to
singing at the Country Music
Awards for the first time in 17
years and was halfway
through his No Slowing Down
The tour was appropriately
named for the man who once
toured for six years straight,
performing 320 concerts each
Critics say his 66th album,
released at the start of the
tour last October, is his best
The new album features a
duo with race caller John
Tapp and tracks Reg recor-
ded during a trip to Nashville
four years ago.
Such is his popularity that
last Saturday a national radio
station in the US broadcast
prayers offered to Reg by per-
formers at the Grand Ole
Oprey in Nashville, the inter-
national home of country
He remains the only non-
American to have his boot
prints in the Walkway of
Stars at Nashville and has co-
starred with such notables as
Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson
and Dyan Cannon.
In 1984 he was elevated to
the Australian Country Music
Roll of Renown and has been
awarded the order of Aus-
tralia for services to music.
Reg began his illustrious 43-
year country and music ca-
reer when he was 20.
He was sidelined with a
rodeo injury when he heard
on the radio about the 2SM
Tim McNamara talent con-
test in Sydney.
"Reg decide to give it a go
and rode across to Sydney on
his motorbike to perform,"
Ros said.
"He won the first round and
the the final with a yodel
and that was the start of it
Reg's popularity grew when
his TV show , Reg Lindsay's
Country and Western Hour,
was shown Australia-wide.
Twelve of national
television followed, with Reg
Lindsay's Country Home-
stead superseding the origi-
nal version and serving as a
launching pad for many fu-
ture stars.
The show outrated many
other programs and, together
with the launch of Lindsay's
greatest hit Armstrong,
elevated him to a household
Stints at the Grand Ole
Oprey further enhanced his
Rodeo once again played a
major role in Lindsay's life in
1986 when he met Ros.
"I was performing in the
National Finals rodeo at
Cootamundra and Reg was
singing," she said.
Ros is spending her few
spare moments away from
the hospital putting the final
touches on Reg Lindsay and
Friends' Country and West-
ern Spectacular to be held at
Cessnock Showground on
March 18.
"Last October we got the
idea to hold a rodeo and Reg
Lindsay reunion and then de-
cided to combine them both.
"We started work on it
straight away and invited a
lot of people from the Coun-
try Homestead days.
"The posters were printed
before Reg got sick so I de-
cided to go ahaead with it.
"That's what he would have
wanted and the response has
been great.
"People like Chad Morgan,
Clint Beatty, Kevin King and
Barry Forester are all turning
up to perform.
"Reg won't be there but
hopefully he'll be well enough
to know that it's going ahead.
"We've got a tough time
ahead of us, I know that.
"I pray a lot and that helps
but the surgery is a big hurdle.
and I'll be glad when it's over.
"Reg is a fighter so we'll get
through this and as soon as is
physically possible he'll be
performing again.

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